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The newest member of the "Brotherhood" crew arrived home today. Amazing, just amazing.............once again, thelyn outdid herself. He's everything I imagined Lassiter should be. For those of you that aren't familiar with the books, Lassiter is a fallen angel. He's not very popular with the Brothers, but he comes as a package deal when he brings home one of their own that they thought they had lost. He's described as a bit of a pincushion, LOL! I know he was a challenge to shell in resin form, but thelyn more than met the challenge.
I was loosing light tonight, so just a couple of quick pics. More spam at a later date.
Gold and Black

Both of his ears have multiple piercings all around the cartilage part of the ear.

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He's quite the amazing stud . . . love him!! Congratulations on another handsome guy by 'thelyn'. Looks like this fallen angel will never need to wear a shirt . . . *grins*

Thanks! And you're right...................I don't see him wearing a shirt often................course, it seems most of them don't around here, LOL!

Oh my, I just had to fan myself for a good 10 minutes after seeing these photos. My jaw literally dropped!!! He's so HANSDOME! Congrats on your latest edition :)

Thanks so much! Lyn really did a fantastic job with him. I couldn't be more pleased.

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